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To create phenomenal communicators in Telugu. To make enthusiasm for provincial foundation understudies to create love to Indian culture and legacy through Telugu writing. Inculcating interest in understudies hope for their future for news-casting both print and electronic media.

Statement of purpose

To stress phonetic and reasonable human good qualities in the fields of writing, expressive arts, development, and instruction for advantage of the general public.

Program Outcomes

It is the legitimate, pride of our specialization to accept Telugu as second language to all the surge of college understudies. Telugu is one of the conventional dialects of India. It is the third biggest spoken language of India. We the 'Andhras' are honored with this beguiling language on our primary language. It encourages the understudies to share their musings, assessments, sentiments and feelings uninhibitedly and cheerfully with great direction on they claim it. Picking Telugu language at their under alumni level gives the understudies come to thought very about the qualities, principles convention and culture of the past age. Amid their learning understudies see the erudition, profound human understanding and social worry of prominent and exceptional artists and their Writes and commentators of Telugu writing. A large portion of their compositions are the youths of present age the statutes and sayings showed them how to bargain delicately with others. It additionally draws the consideration of the understudies to think for all intents and purposes and form them how to lead a precise and effective way of life with moral qualities in their own proficient lives. In this procedure, the understudies are anxious to teach certain characteristics like respect the convention, regard the seniors, sharing the obligations, supporting the families and receive energy, taking a functioning part in any of the social administrations end up more grounded to constrain any test in their life. At last, the understudies are found out and arranged to be great and incredible identities in the general public from our school over decades.

To advance authority characteristics through speech

To form the understudies into an accommodative, tolerant and obligation disapproved of subjects with great Behavior and character.

Program Specific Outcomes

Educating in Telugu, particularly as a second language encourages the understudies recall the most satisfying primary language for a mind-blowing duration and to make them brilliant on different perspectives from the chose curricular points. It additionally helps to uncertain the innovative aptitudes which empower them to remain as tip top in the aggressive world


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